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Use this guide to learn how to search professional legal databases and develop your legal research skills.

Your success as a law student depends upon reading and referencing a wide range of authoritative legal information.


Further guides for legal research can be found in the Law section at the bottom of this page.

Emily Allbon's Lawbore: The Law Student's Guide to the Web is a fantastic resource full of hints, tips and links.

Gary Slappers' Legal Skills Guide contains lots of useful information to accompany his English Legal System textbook.

Ian Thompson's Europe on the Internet 53 slide pdf provides extensive links to European Information.



BREXIT resources curated by Middle Temple

Researching Applicable Law in Wales – What is Unique in Wales?

Law PORT from IALS

Learn for Free Law Courses curated by Inner Temple


JustCite: the Good Law Guide

JustCite helps you find leading authorities and establish the current status of the law.

  • Identify the leading case in seconds
  • It marks up the specific effects of cases, so you know whether those cases are still “good law”
  • It shows you how legislation has been amended and applied in court


Take the LexisLibrary certification test here.

Guide to LexisLibrary here.

  • Cases - The Law Reports (ICLR) and All England Law Reports +
  • Legislation - full, amended text of all public general Acts currently in force
  • Commentary - including the key legal encyclopeadia Halsbury's Laws of England
  • Journals - several full text journals and details of many more
  • News - UK broadsheets and regional news articles
  • EU and International materials - selected sources
  • Forms & Precedents and Practice Areas - specialist tools for LPC students
  • Current awareness - search and browse

Westlaw UK

Find online training materials and the Westlaw UK certification test: here.

  • Insight and Index of Legal Terms - for encyclopedic and dictionary definitions
  • Cases - The Law Reports (ICLR) and Weekly Law Reports +
  • Legislation - full, amended text of all public general Acts currently in force
  • Journals - contains The Legal Journals Index
  • EU and International materials - selected sources
  • Books - specialist works for LPC students
  • Current awareness - search and browse
  • Find Westlaw International training materials: here.

Lawtel UK

A database aimed at practitioners and LPC students, first with the latest legal news.

  • Cases - latest cases, case comments, PI Quantum Reports, cause lists and pending actions
  • Legislation - statutes and SIs, bills, command papers, legislation calendars and the CPR
  • Articles & Press - brief journal details only and the latest news snippets
  • Specialist Areas - Busy Solicitors' Digest, Havers, Litigator, Employment, HR, PI and Local Government


  • Contains more than 2,400 law and law-related periodicals.
  • Subjects covered include criminal justice, political science, technology, human rights +
  • Coverage for all journals is from inception and goes through the most currently published issues
  • Search by article title, author, subject, state or country published, full text, and narrow by date.
  • Law Journal Library - strong on American journals and law reviews

There is a Getting Started Guide here.

History of Feminism

Covers the period 1776-1928 with an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays, and subject introductions on its structural themes. 

IDS Online

IDS (Incomes Data Services) is an independent research organisation providing information and analysis in key areas including employment law.


Indexes the literature in the field of sport and recreation, drawing from books, conference proceedings, research papers and about 2,000 journals from around the world.


Find the latest version of the USW OSCOLA guide here:

OSCOLA Referencing Guide, Revised 2014

OSCOLA Referencing film: