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Library Skills Guide

If you are new to USW Library, this guide will help and support you to find the information you need with tutorials, video guides and more.

Welcome to getting started

This guide aims to introduce new and returning USW students to the services and resources available from Library Services. If you have not used the library before, the information on this 'Getting Started' page will be a useful starting point.

If you are about to begin a new project for a class assignment, but you need help or a refresher on how to begin your search, go to our ‘How to find a book’ or ‘How to find an article or journal’ menu to try our tutorials and view our 'How to...' video guides.

Finally, the library service is here to help, by answering your questions from the most basic to the more advanced research query. 

You can contact us directly or via our 24/7 chat service. You also book a one-on-one appointment with your faculty librarian.

Note: All libraries are closed at the moment, but services, support and resources are still available online.

Introduction to the library

For more information about the Library, see our guide below:

  • Getting Started in the Library : The basics (update in progress)

This explains how library service operates, including where the libraries are located, what facilities and services are offered and how help can be obtained.

Get to know our campus libraries

Live chat 24/7


Find a librarian

Looking for a Librarian? Choose from the list below.


If you need support or help with your assignment of project then book an appointment with your Librarian.

Appointment link