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Engineering - Aeronautical: Finding Books

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg


Books give an overview of a subject and provide information on core concepts and theories.  This makes them a good starting point for your assignments. Core books for your subject will be listed on your module reading list.  If you have an online reading list on Blackboard or another learning environment, this will show you the copies of the book available from the library.   You can also find books by searching FINDit, the Library search engine. 

Looking for a Book

1. To find a specific book title, enter the book title or author in the FINDit search box and select the Libraries search option. 

2. To find books on a subject, enter a keyword into the FINDit search box and select the Libraries search option. 

3. Can’t find the book you are looking for? You can request it as an interlibrary loan or Recommend the book to your Librarian 

Browse the books

The Dewey Decimal system is a classification system used by libraries to arrange books by subject. Each book is issued a shelfmark number, which is placed on the spine of the book and arranged in numerical order. After the numbers, there are three letters that refer to the author or editor of the book and are in alphabetical order.

Here are some key shelfmarks for your subject area.

 510.2462   Mathematics for engineers
 515   Calculus
 519.5   Statistical mathematics
 519.5024658              Quantitative methods
 533.6   Aeromechanics
 620.0042   Engineering design
 620.1   Engineering mechanics and materials
 620.105   Applied solid mechanics
 620.106   Applied fluid mechanics
 621   Mechanical engineering
 621.3   Electrical engineering
 621.381   Electronic engineering
 629.1   Aerospace engineering
 629.1323   Aerodynamics
 629.13233   Lift and thrust
 629.13234   Drag
 629.13238   Propulsion principles
 629.134   Aircraft components
 629.1346   Aircraft maintenance and repair
 629.135   Aircraft instrumentation
 658.404   Project management

Engineering Study Skills

Recommended reading for engineering students.

Engineering Study skills reading list.


Recommend a Book

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Jane's All the World’s Aircraft: In Service Yearbook 23/24

To access this book ask your lecturer, only to be used in G block (room 210D)

Gauge airborne capabilities, threats, and opportunities.

This resource offers detailed information about legacy civil and military air platforms that are in service or out of production around the world. It provides aerospace and defence businesses with insights to identify opportunities through maintenance, retrofit, and upgrade programmes. Additionally, it supports military and security organisations by providing reliable information on the offensive and defensive capabilities of these legacy aircraft.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft: In Service helps you:

  •  Compare active aircraft
  •  Direct product development
  •  Evaluate competitors, partners, and acquisition targets
  •  Target upgrade opportunities
  •  Model air threat scenarios
  • Evaluate and exploit market opportunities for maintenance, repair, and operations, and sales 

What's inJane's all the world aircraft cover cluded:

  • More than 470 records
  • Upgrade programmes of legacy aircraft including conversion of passenger planes into freighters, use of new environment-friendly powerplants, and other notable enhancements and modifications
  • An overview delving into the repercussions of global events such as the Ukraine conflict, Covid-19, and supply chain and delivery challenges affecting the aircraft fleets around the world.

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