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Sociology: Finding Books

A guide for students studying Sociology at the University of South Wales.
Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Shelf marks

300.72 Social Science Research Methods
301 Sociology
301.01 Sociological Theories
301.2 Anthropology
302 Social Psychology
302.23 Popular Culture & Mass Media
303.3 Social Structure
305 Social Groups
305.23 Children
305.26 Older People
305.42   Feminism
305.5 Social Class
305.8 Race, Ethnic and National Groups
306 Culture and Institutions
306.7 Sexuality
306.85 Families
307.76 Cities
320 Politics
323 Human Rights
330 Economics
361.61 Social Policy
364 Criminology


Use FINDit: Search/Libraries, to perform detailed searches for individual books or for material relevant to your topic or subject.

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Students and staff are welcome to recommend books or eBooks for the library that support University assignments and research.
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