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Event Management: Careers & Employability

Mae'r canllaw hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Careers & Employability service

USW Careers

You can get help and advice with graduate, part-time, regional and subject area job searches. CVs, applications & interviews. Help with finding work experience and volunteering and information about different career choices. 


Psychometric testing

Psychometric Tests  


A full set of Practice Psychometric Tests (Aptitude Tests) developed by leading test publisher, Assessment Day.  

Includes Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Diagrammatic Reasoning, Situational Judgement,
Critical Thinking and E-Tray Exercises. 

Career assessments

Career Assessments 

A suite of psychological tools to help students better understand themselves including their motivations, preferences and values to help them consider their career options.

Social media

Using Social Media

Social media can be used to help you to create an online profile or to highlight your skills or research interests. Social media can also be used as a job searching tool as jobs are often advertised on social media sites such as Twitter.

Visit the Careers Social Media page for lots more information.



social media





Job search

computer screen
Search Vacancies on Unilife Connect
 – access graduate job vacancies, internships/placements and voluntary opportunities.

Industry information

Industry Information

Employers will want to see that you have an understanding of an organisation's history and mission and that you are aware of any current political or economic issues that may affect its work.

IBIS World  -  a powerful business tool to learn about existing clients or potential clients’ core industries and how changes to those industries can have an impact on you or your organisation.

Mintel Market Sizes - market data for 30 countries across 17 industries, including market size, market share, segmentation data, trend forecasts and socio-economic data.

Mintel Reports - market and consumer intelligence.  Includes access to "UK Retail Briefing" reports.

Key Business Databases

Business Source Complete  is a very large business resources database and contains articles from approx. 1800 peer reviewed (i.e. academic or scholarly) journals in management, business studies and economics.

Emerald is a publisher of journals in management and library and information services, engineering, applied science and technology.

ScienceDirect is a leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters.

Current awareness

News Sources

As part of your job hunt you will need to make sure that you keep up to date with developments and news in your chosen field. Having current knowledge will enhance your credibility and help you ask informed and relevant questions at interviews.

The following databases will let you search across multiple sources quickly and access local, national and international news. 

Newspapers/Journals/Trade Magazines
We have a range of print newspapers and trade magazines in our libraries. Call in for more information. 

Corporate websites
Most companies have two websites: one for the public and general customers, and a corporate one for shareholders and other companies. 

One of the best ways to keep up to date is by using Alerts.

The databases below allow you to set alerts (usually by signing in to the database and creating a personal account) so you will be told when new content on your topic is published.

Examples of databases are: