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Construction Management and Surveying: Finding Articles & Contracts

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

What is a Journal?

Journals are publications that are published on a regular and ongoing basis, for example, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  They contain a selection of articles in a subject area by different authors.  These articles are known as journal articles.  Academic journal articles are written by researchers and their articles are reviewed by other experts in the same subject area, in a process called peer-review.  Peer-reviewed journal articles are considered to be the best quality journal articles available. Journal articles are the best place to find the most recent research on a topic. 

Looking for a journal article

  1. If you would like to find journal articles on a subject, try searching by keyword using Advanced Search in FINDit.
  2. You can browse a specific journal through the journals finder. This journal browser allows you to explore journal collections by subject.
  3. Try going directly to a specialist database for results focussed on a subject area.
  4. If you have found an article for which we do not provide access, you can request it from another library.

Key Databases

Construction Law Databases


OS maps are available in the Treforest Library. Find them at classmark 912.42961 (Reference only)

Historical maps are available in the plan chest in Treforest Library

Digital version of OS maps can be found on Digimap 

A wide range of maps are available through the National Library of Scotland

Geology maps of Britain 

Please ask your librarian for help finding maps.



FINDit is a simple, one-step search method for books, e-books, articles, DVDs and more, and includes a number of personalized features for you.


Search the archives of UK national and local newspapers:


Information Protocol (pdf)
Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase of assets

BIM Conditions of Contract (pdf)
Conditions of Contract for Building Information Modelling (BIM). The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.

BIM for Project Managers (pdf)
BIM continues to dominate processes across the built environment. It offers extensive opportunities to drive a more effective and efficient built environment.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Protocol
Standard Protocol for use in projects using Building Information Models

Information Management  BS EN ISO 19650-3:2020
Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM). Information management using building information modelling. Operational phase of the assets.

Access this standard on BSOL.

The JCT - The Joint Contracts Tribunal, produces standard forms of contract for construction, guidance notes and other standard documentation for use in the construction industry.

Access online through the  Construction Information Service Database (CIS)

Useful Books

Chappel D (2016) The JCT minor works building contracts 2016

Lupton S (2017) Guide to JCT Standard Building Contract

Lupton S (2016) Guide to JCT Minor Works Building Contract

Lupton S (2016) Guide to JCT Design and Build Contract

Lupton S (2019) Which contract? Choosing the appropriate building contract (Access through the CIS)


NEC New Engineering Contract is a family of contracts that facilitates the implementation of sound project management principles and practices as well as defining legal relationships.

The full set of the NEC 3 and 4 contracts is available at our Treforest campus Library at 692.8 NEC. 

New: NEC4 contracts are now available online via FINDit. Search using keywords NEC4 Contracts issuing body.

​NEC3 Option A

NEC4 User guides
NEC4 Option A  Priced contract with activity schedule.
​NEC4 Option C Target contract with activity schedule

Useful Books
Hughes K (2018) Understanding NEC4
Hughes K (2020) Understanding NEC4 Professional Contract
Bronwyn M (2018)  NEC4: The role of the project manager
ICE (2017) NEC3 and NEC4 compared
Gerrard R (2017) NEC4 practical solutions

Broome J (2019) NEC4 Resolving and Avoiding Disputes 

Official website NEC  -

                youtube                 NEC Youtube Chanel - lots of training videos, case studies, webinars. 


FIDIC - The International Federation of Consulting Engineers, has long been renowned for its standard forms of contract for use between employers and contractors on international construction projects

The FIDIC contracts can be found on the  Construction Information Service database.

Print copies of some of the contracts can be found in the Treforest campus library.

FIDIC conditions of contract for EPC/turnkey projects. (Silver Book)
FIDIC conditions of contract for construction (Red Book)
FIDIC conditions of contract for plant and design-build (Yellow Book)

Useful Books

Client/consultant model services 2017 (White Book) available on the Construction Information Service database.

Charratt D, (2018) The application of contracts in engineering and construction projects

Hughes K (2020) Understanding FIDIC: The rainbow suite

Official website  ​FIDIC  -


Infrastructure Conditions of Contract (ICC)

Available in print in Treforest campus Library

Class mark 692.8 INF


ACE Professional Services Agreement 2017 - Also available on CIS

ACE Agreement Sub-consultancy Professional services sub-consultancy agreement. 2017 edition (Incorporating January 2017 amendments) (ACE, 2017)  - Access on the CIS


RICS Standard Form of Consultant's appointment

Forms to be used with the RICS standard form of consultant's appointment and RICS Short form of consultant's appointment.

RIBA Standard Professional Services Contract 2020: Architectural Services

The new 2020 edition of the RIBA Standard Professional Services Contract has been fully updated to align with the revised RIBA Plan of Work and is for the appointment of an architect or consultant providing architectural services.

A specimen copy can be downloaded here.

ACA PPC 2000
Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering

Both PPC2000 and the TPC2005 Term Partnering Contract have been widely adopted in the public and private sector on projects and programmes for the procurement of offices and housing, schools and universities, care homes and hospitals, airport facilities and roads, hotels and leisure
facilities to name but a few.

Websites - General

Websites - Law

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great way of searching for information and is a useful supplement to database searches. More information can be found on our Help page.

Google Scholar Search