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Forensic Science: Reading lists

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Reading Lists

Reading lists provide seamless access to a variety of resources, these may include books, journal articles, digitised book chapters, websites and audio-visual content.  Reading lists are put together and managed by your lecturers so are a good starting point for any assignment. You will be expected to undertake further research around your specific topics. Reading lists can be accessed via a link within your virtual learning environment..e.g. Blackboard, Teams, Moodle.

Accessing your online reading lists

Search for reading lists

Search for reading lists by module title or code



NB: If you can't find a reading list for your module please contact your lecturer.

Finding your reading list on Blackboard

Your reading lists can be accessed via a link on the left hand side of Blackboard.

If you do not have a list please contact your lecturer.

If your course uses a different virtual learning environment e.g Moodle, Teams.  It may be located differently.