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Nursing : Finding articles

Mae'r canllaw hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

What is a Journal?

Journals are publications that are published on a regular and ongoing basis, for example, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  They contain a selection of articles in a subject area by different authors.  These articles are known as journal articles.  Academic journal articles are written by researchers and their articles are reviewed by other experts in the same subject area, in a process called peer-review.  Peer-reviewed journal articles are considered to be the best quality journal articles available. Journal articles are the best place to find the most recent research on a topic. 

Looking for a journal article

  1. If you would like to find journal articles on a subject, try searching by keyword using Advanced Search in FINDit.
  2. You can browse a specific journal through the journals finder. This journal browser allows you to explore journal collections by subject.
  3. Try going directly to a specialist database for results focussed on a subject area.
  4. If you have found an article for which we do not provide access, you can request it from another library.

Key Databases

A database is an electronic collection of information stored in a computer program that enables you to find information from the database in different ways.  Databases in the library can contain journal articles, newspaper articles, specialist information or a combination of different information resources.  Databases can be multi-disciplinary or subject specific.  


Search the archives of UK national and local newspapers:



FINDit is a simple, one-step search method for books, e-books, articles, DVDs and more, and includes a number of personalized features for you.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great way of searching for information and is a useful supplement to database searches. More information can be found on our Help page.

Google Scholar Search


If you are looking for a particular journal title e.g The British Journal of Nursing, Nursing Standard then click 'FIND JOURNALS' at the top of FIND it to search/browse an A-Z list.  When you find the journal you want, click on the title to see all relevant information for that title.

The 'View Online' section will provide you with links to the journal and information about which date range USW has access to.

Some examples of journals within Nursing are:

Nursing Standard

British journal of nursing

British journal of community nursing

Community practitioner

Journal of advanced nursing