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Environmental Science: Finding Books


Books give an overview of a subject and provide information on core concepts and theories.  This makes them a good starting point for your assignments. Core books for your subject will be listed on your module reading list.  If you have an online reading list on Blackboard or another learning environment, this will show you the copies of the book available from the library.   You can also find books by searching FINDit, the Library search engine. 

Shelf Marks

The Dewey Decimal system is a classification system used by libraries to arrange books by subject. Each book is issued a shelfmark number, which is placed on the spine of the book and arranged in numerical order. After the numbers, there are three letters that refer to the author or editor of the book and are in alphabetical order.

Here are some key shelfmarks for your subject area.


333.7  Sustainable Development
333.77  Urban Studies
 344.20446  Environmental Law
 363.7  Environmental protection
628.504  Environmental impact assessment
 910.285  Geographical information systems



333.72  Conservation
570  Life Sciences
 577  Ecology


Natural History


 Environmental science


 Conservation and protection

333.95  Conservation biology and biodiversity
344.20446  Environmental law
508  Natural History
551.6   Climatology
577  Ecology
578  Biogeography
581  Natural history of plants
591  Natural history of animals
592  Invertebrates
597  Fish
598  Birds
599  Mammals 
628.5  Pollution control
634.9  Forestry



333.7   Natural Resources
344.20446  Environmental Law
550  Earth Sciences
551  Geology
551.41  Geomorphology
551.48  Hydrology
551.5  Meteorology
551.6  Climatology
551.9  Geochemistry
621.3678  Remote sensing
622  Mining
631.64  Revegetation
634.956  Reforestation


Looking for a Book

1. To find a specific book title, enter the book title or author in the FINDit search box and select the Libraries search option. 

2. To find books on a subject, enter a keyword into the FINDit search box and select the Libraries search option. 

3. Can’t find the book you are looking for? You can request it as an interlibrary loan or Recommend the book to your Librarian 

Recommend a Book

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