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eBooks: Studying with eBooks

Finding and reading eBooks at University of South Wales

An eBook is identical to its print equivalent in content.  How you read it is different.  This is a quick guide to reading and navigating your way around eBooks.  If you encounter any problems, contact

Reading eBooks - general layout

Watch the video below.  This section of the video will show you how you can read and find your way around an eBook.  Although each eBook platform may vary in appearance, the structure, functions and tools to search, copy and print are basically the same. 

Taking notes

You can take notes electronically on many e-book platforms under the 'notes' tab.  These are recorded and you can go back to to them and the page number at any time.

For some platforms, you may have to register an account (it's free) to use this feature.  

Referencing eBooks

Most eBooks are referenced in the same way as print books.  For further information on citation and referencing, check out the Study Skills guides: