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How to use eBooks: What are eBooks?

Mae'r canllaw hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg 

What are ebooks?


eBooks are digital versions of written works.

They mostly come in two forms:

either new digital books or digital reproductions of printed books. 

Many eBooks have enhanced functionality and accessibility features which will be explored further in this guide.

Advantages of eBooks

Using eBooks provides several advant5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using DNS In Networking | TinyDNS.orgages over traditional printed material. 

Some of these include;

  • 24/7 access to resources

  • Access on and off campus

  • Access for multiple users at the same time (unless a single user license eBook)

  • Print and download sections of the book, in compliance with copyright guidelines

  • Use keyword search (within books or across collections)

  • Highlight and make notes within the text that you can download or print 

  • No heavy bags to carry around campus (or Library fines!)