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How to use eBooks: How do I download an eBook?

Mae'r canllaw hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg 

Downloading an eBook

Downloading an e-book allows you to check it out and read it on your computer or portable device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you are not connected to the Internet, usually for a limited period of time.

You should think of a download like a traditional library loan that is available to you for a fixed period of time.

Most of our e-books can be downloaded to your computer/device.

On the e-book platforms, you will see a ’Download’ link that allows you to check-out and download an e-book and read it on your device when you are offline.

To view a downloaded eBook you will need software such as Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) if the eBook is DRM-protected. Most eBook providers will offer you a link to install ADE.

EBSCOhost, ProQuest eBook Central, and VLeBooks allow you to download entire eBooks to read offline for a limited time in either the EPUB or PDF file format.

Once the loan expires you will need to download the eBook again. In most cases, you can either download the whole book or just a chapter. However, for some e-book platforms, you can only download a page-range.

If you download the whole book, information as to the amount of time that the download will be available to you will feature in the drop-down options that you are given. The download period will depend upon the ebook platform, the ebook license associated with the book and the number of copies held by the library. Most of the platforms allow a 4 hour loan (download) and a 1 day loan (download) for 1 and 3 user license e books.

The tabs below provide more information on the requirements needed to download eBooks from different platforms-these platforms are clearly marked on FINDit when you access an eBook.

Proquest ebook Central


You can download books from ProQuest eBook Central.You can download the whole book or just book chapters. 

The download icon is located at the top of the page  ‌

To download a full book you must complete these 6 steps:

1. Select Download book and open the book.

2. Select Full Download or Chapter download from the menu at the top of the page. 

3. Sign in to Ebook Central to download books. You will be taken to University of South Wales’s Sign In page. Click on Continue.

3. Select the device that you are using-select I'm using my own computer.  

4.  Click on Install Adobe Digital Editions [you will only have to do this once] or Done with this step if you have already downloaded this. 

5. Click on Download Your Book and the book will open in Adobe Digital Editions. Note: A download loan varies from 1-14 days depending on the license.

For further information: Ebook Central: Full-Download – how to download a book for offline reading on a computer (

Please note : there is a compatibility issue with Adobe Digital Editions and some Android devices. Books can still be accessed using Adobe Digital Editions on a desktop or laptop device. If using a mobile device is your preference, other compatible apps are available on the Google Play Store including PocketBook Reader

VLE books

New eBook Resource Platform – Northampton College Libraries

1, Select download.

2. Choose how many days you want to loan the book for and select download.

3. The website will generate a download link. Once this is finished, select click here to download.

4. In the pop-up select open with. In the drop-down menu choose Adobe Digital Editions.

If you have difficulty choosing Adobe Digital Editions, refer to the troubleshooting section.

For further information see VLeBooks - DownloadHelp

Bibliu eBooks

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To download Bibliu books you will need to install the Bibliu app.

This is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

It can be downloaded from your device’s store, or from Bibliu

EBSCO host ebooks

EBSCO eBooks | Tip of the Week


To download some books from the EBSCOhost eBook Collection you will need to create a personal account and log into the website (not all Ebsco books require this)

1. To create an account, click Sign in at the top right of the page. Scroll down and choose to create a new account.

2. Fill in the required details, then click create. Once your account is created, you should be automatically logged in.

  • If you receive an error message when creating your account, try disabling any ad blockers or using a different browser.

3. Once you are logged in, choose Full Download at the top of the page.

4. In the pop-up that opens, select how many days you want to borrow for. (this will sometimes be limited to 1 day only)

5. You may be offered a choice of file formats, PDF or EPUB. If so, choose the one you want. PDFs are recommended for laptops and other desktop devices, and EPUBS are recommended for phones and tablets.

6. Tick the box marked “I have Adobe Digital Editions or equivalent installed”, then click Full Download.

7. In the pop-up select open with. In the drop-down menu choose Adobe Digital Editions. If you have difficulty choosing Adobe Digital Editions, refer to the troubleshooting section. The book should now open.

Note: Some books do not require you to log into EBSCO to download them. These can simply be read in any normal PDF reader e.g. Adobe Acrobat or Foxit.

Note: Ebooks with a license for one copy cannot be downloaded if already in use by another user. Also, some ebooks are unavailable to download and can only be read online (this is due to publisher licence agreements).

A useful tutorial for downloading EBSCO ebooks Downloading EBSCO eBooks - Tutorial